About Us

Malhotra Photo video aims to capture the cherished and intimate moments of your life with professional finesse and flair. We are dedicated in preserving your magical moments on the high quality pictures and videos which will always remind you of special times.

Since 1965, we have been covering various types of public events and functions. And, since our foundation, our motive has remained unchanged, to capture photographs and videos that look natural as well as beautiful. Our main focus is on capturing your emotions in most natural and genuine state and to blend it with style and panache.

We have expertise in covering all types of marriages including Hindu weddings, Sikh weddings, Muslim weddings and Christian weddings. We have excellent knowledge of background settings, locations and other features which will highlight the essence and beauty of your ceremony.

We pride ourselves in giving services that are according to unique demands and needs of our clients. So, if you want a high quality services for any event, function or marriage feel free to contact us and we will be obliged to serve you.